My name is jenni and i am an oversharer
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Ok so i read this post: AND the one it references and wow that is me...except that i do not feel i have been victimized nor do i complain about such to others. The responses to the underlying post terrify me. In childhood, transparency and "instant intimacy" wherein after establishing some quick common ground (oh your fav color is purple? Mine too!) everything could be shared-secrets hopes and dreams. I still operate this way. I strive for transparency and share the deepest things on facebook, blog, with brand new friends. Why can't we operate this way? Why am i seen as broken for doing so? My friends have confided i scared them initially 'like a golden retreiver' in my friendliness and pursuit of intimacy and overtrusting but they were willing to stick with me and are glad they did. I feel sad and discouraged that instant intimacy is so maligned. Do i really need to change? Why? Wouldn't it be a better world if we were loving and kind and transparent? I love being close to people-having them know everything about me and i want the same from others and am often disappointed that so many adults are so guarded. I feel like i do not need or want much privacy. So should i really change my desires here for intimacy? And if so, how? Cbt? Relevant to note maybe that i am lousy at sarcasm bc i too often take it literally.
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