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Where can I watch old talk shows?

I've seen this question but what I really want is to watch them! I'd love to sit through re-runs of Donohue, Ricki Lake, Sally Jesse, from the 80s/90s. Late night talk shows would be great too.

I don't have access to a VHS player and don't want to purchase one! Is there an online streaming option, a place to buy (reasonably priced) DVDs, etc?

I'm not concerned with particularly good quality. Just watchable. Thanks!
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From a quick search a lot of Springer's compilation videos seem to be available via torrenting.
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There's a lot of Dick Cavett on YouTube.

Later with Bob Costas is also on YouTube.

There's also Merv Griffen.

There's also a lot of Dave Lettermen, notably with the brilliant Chris Elliott.
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There's also quite a few DVDs of the Dick Cavett Show, as well as "greatest moments" DVDs of Mike Douglas and Merv Griffin.
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If watching those old talk shows at somewhere other than your home is acceptable and you live near either LA or NYC, you might try scheduling a visit to the Paley Center. They have a large archive of television programs that you can watch in their Scholars Room by making an appointment and paying a daily fee.
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