Is there an App for that?
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My parents own a WiFi only iPad and their internet connection isn't always on. Basically, they turn on the internet only when they want to use their iPad. Is there an app that can alert me (preferably via a push notification on my own iPad or iPhone) when they've gotten online?
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I think there must be an IM app (or Skype) that your parents can sign into, which automatically connects when there's internet connection. I'd just try the various free apps.

Then you'd just have to set your iPad client to notify you when your parents sign online.
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Seconding Skype.
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Response by poster: They do have Skype installed on their iPad, and so do I. But as far as I can tell ] it doesn't send me a push notification about their online status, which is what I'd really like this app I'm looking for to have.
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Maybe something like this? Though I'm not sure it's possible for you to receive a notification from your parents' iPad without any catalyzing action on their end. Maybe you could set up a twitter account that automatically updates when they get online (presuming this is possible) and use the linked app to set up notifications for yourself?
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If they have any traditional IM account (AIM / Yahoo / Gchat, Facebook etc) you can use Pidgin and it will notify you when they log in. It's not push, it's more pull as your app is watching for them to log in.
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I haven't used skype or other IM stuff on an ipad but on regular computers it definitely does notify you when people log in. I get little popups when my contacts sign in and out. Maybe there is an option for that in the ipad versions also?
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I don't think it's possible for a non-Apple app to notify you whenever their internet connection becomes active.

Perhaps you could use Find My Friends to check whether or not the connection is active, but I don't think it actually sends notifications.
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