What to do about extremely loud dance music from nearby club?
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I'm in the city center in Groningen, the Netherlands. It is almost 6.30am. For hour on hour now, I've been listening to throbbing bass from the dance club across the way, and I haven't slept all night. This loud music seems to be a new thing. What should I do?

I live on the second floor (that is, there are two floors between me and the ground) in an apartment that is one street away from a dance club. I've lived here for four years, and never have I heard music from the there. But tonight there has been constant, throbbing bass from the club, such that it is impossible to sleep. The whole building is vibrating with the bass.

I'm afraid they've upgraded their sound system or something, and this is going to be the new status quo every Friday and Saturday night. If so, I'm going to go insane. What are the laws regarding noise in the Netherlands? Who do I complain to? Must I contemplate moving? I'm an American living here, so I'm not even sure where to start.
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Did you call the police to complain? That should be your first step.
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Maybe you can call The Groningen Tourist Information Office and ask them which government agency to contact?
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Best answer: I feel your pain. I lived in Groningen for a few years, and the noise level was something I never got used to.

However, there are indeed laws, and while I can't find chapter and verse, what you're describing is almost certainly in breach of them. How's your Dutch? Here's the gemeente's page on reporting a noise nuisance.
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Best answer: There's a non emergency policenumber you can call: 0900-8844. This number can be reached 24/7 and will connect you to a local police station.
An alternative is the Meldpunt Overlast (050 587 58 85) which is a local number specifically for stuff like this. They can be reached mo-fr 10.00 - 17.00.
As far as I can tell, the former is most effective during the actual noise, the latter is for recurring problems with noise.
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Excellent advise here above. In the meantime, for surviving the weekend you could look into noise-canceling headphones or something. The shops are still open...

Living in Dutch cities is -- different
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You can also try earplugs (oordopjes). The best ones I found were the 4-Travel earplugs sold in sets of 6 in Etos on the Herestraat: they're comfortable enough to let you sleep with them in, block noise very effectively and don't fall out overnight.
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