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What iPad app(s) will record a chess game and email the resulting PGN file to two email addresses? (Bonus points if we don't have to enter the email address anew each time.)
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Can't speak to iPad specifically, but if you're talking about games where each of you is using your own internet-connected device: anything you play on FICS, regardless of which client you use, gets recorded on and you can download PGN from that. Does that help?
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Response by poster: Afraid not; the situation is we're playing the games on a (real) chessboard, the other person is recording them in his notebook for later analysis (I can't as I'm physically disabled) but does not have the time to enter everything in and create the pgn file for me. I know I'll need t learn to analyze my own games to improve. I'm hoping to find some painless way of doing this so he could just enter everything once and make the file available to both of us. Electronic chessboards are way too expensive and bringing a laptop would be too cumbersome. I have access to an iPad, though.
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The app called "Stockfish", formerly known as "Glaurung", might be what you're looking for. It's free. You would set yourself to play both sides, then just enter each move by moving the pieces on its chessboard. You can save the game, and there is an option to email a game as PGN. The email interface seems to just load the default iOS mail interface, so you could add additional recipients.

Stockfish will remember the email address you sent the last game to, but I'm not sure whether you can make it remember multiple addresses. A workaround here is to just email the game to your own address, then forward/bounce the email to your friend immediately. Alternatively, depending on what email service you use, you may be able to set up an alias which automatically forwards email sent to it to both of you.

An app called "tChess" also looks good, but I haven't tried it, as Stockfish fit my immediate needs.

Good luck.
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