Please recommend podcasts about accounting, economics, or finance.
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Please recommend podcasts about accounting, economics, or finance. A Canadian focus would be a bonus but not a necessity.
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NPR's Planet Money is a good start, though it does tend to be more America focused.
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Planet Money
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planetmoney and freakanomics are both good.
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4th-ing(!) Planet Money. If you're looking for something more wonkish, try EconTalk, which features weekly in-depth interviews with economists. The host has a definite libertarian bent, but I think he generally asks fair and solid questions. It's not a podcast, but Brad DeLong's US Economic History lectures on Itunes U are also good.
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It's not that I don't like Planet Money (it's a quality show), but for more up to date/daily stories, I prefer Marketplace.
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econtalk is almost always interesting, if sometimes US specific.

(As someone far to the political left, I've rarely encountered anyone I disagree with as strongly, or whom I respect as much as the host. I suspect the next time I change my mind about something, it'll be because of Russ Roberts.)
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I also second Planet Money and EconTalk. Planet Money is stories put together by reporters, and is one of the few podcasts I listen to every episode of. EconTalk is a libertarian economist doing interviews, mostly of other economists. It is not dumbed down and often gets into technical details, but Russ makes sure that it is accessible and that terms and ideas are explained in plain language.

Aside from that, you might check out podcasts which feature public lectures/talks. London School of Economics: Public lectures and events is a good start. For a Canadian focus, you could try Big Ideas. Finally if you use iTunes, check out " Economics" in iTunesU. These are my three favorite public lecture/talk podcasts and all three have had some great speakers on economics and finance (even though the first two have speakers on other topics).
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