Unemployment in WI: nonprofit edition
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I work for a small non-profit in WI and the organization is about to close its doors. Because we are so small, the non-profit has not had to pay into the state UI fund. I don't know what that means for my ability to collect unemployment. I am going to see an unemployment office as soon as possible, but I would appreciate any info from MeFi about whether there are ways I am eligible to receive benefits, if there are specific questions I should ask the UI office, and whether there are other state or federal benefits available to me as I look for a new job.
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I found this real fast while wondering to myself:


This pretty much mirrored my memory of how the world worked. I too work for a not quite so small non-profit with dual "citizenship" which does not pay into FUTA. I still suggest that you do what you can with your unemployment office. I think I would also immediately invoke your non-profit fu and quickly get the word out that many of you are going to be free floating soon and looking for work. There's a bit of room out there in the right organizations.
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My first question would be if they opted out by joining a trust, such as UST.
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Generally, your eligibility is going to depend on a lot of factors, including things like how long you were at the non-profit, where you worked before and how your work was classified when you were with the non-profit. UI's going to have questions for you about those types of things. I think there absolutely might be situations where you or people in your circumstances might be eligible for UI, but it should be somewhat cut and dried-I don't think there's any magic question you should ask that will change the outcome much.

I worked at a Job Center (probably what you are thinking of when you talk about an unemployment office) in Wisconsin up until about a year ago. I know in my area, and in the areas in Wisconsin I'm familiar with, you can't just walk in and talk to a UI representative, all of that is done over the phone. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go there to learn about other services, but don't go with the expectation that you will be speaking with a UI rep.

I didn't specifically work for UI, but I'd be happy to talk Wisconsin benefit specifics with you or try to get you connected to the right people if you want. Feel free to memail me with questions.
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