iPhone cover with a hip no-slip grip
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Help me find an iPhone case / cover for my mom, please.

She carries an iPhone 4 or 4S.

Requested features:
Construction: one piece.
Material: rubbery, not hard plastic.
Profile: thin, no big grips or padding.
Design: bright, floral, colorful. Prints are fine, though going towards whimsical or cutesy would be the wrong direction. Birds are nice, as are sunsets and oceans.
Price range: all.

With the millions of options out there I figure I'd rather ask you, since you already have exactly what I'm looking for and you remember where you bought it.

Bonus internet love if you point me towards a pack of several single-color covers so I can just gift her a pile of options.
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There is currently a special holiday section on Etsy that is a virtual smorgasbord of iPhone covers, although it is somewhat exhausting to trawl through it endlessly.
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Sorry, forgot the link.
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The "rubbery" iPhone 4 case that I have found to have the best fit is from the SwitchEasy Colors line. They are definitely bright and colorful, although they don't have prints.
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I got mine from Caseorama on Etsy. Nice variety and quick shipping
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I found mine on eBay. As long as it's a good seller, you should have no problems finding what you need...
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I have been lusting after a version of this silicone peacock case. (I have a Samsung SIII but the link is for the Iphone 4 version.) I think it's lovely. Silicone is a nice rubbery grippy material. There are other designs of a similar type if you scroll through the "customers also bought" list on that page.
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Seconding SwitchEasy. I have one one my iPhone 5, and they frequently get cited as "best of."
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I think I'm going to go with two or three of those SwitchEasy Colors cases. They look exactly like what I want, I like the selection, and the price isn't outrageous. I knew you guys would know a good source and save me hours of searching the dregs of Google results.
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Okay, the SwitchEasy cases arrived today (including one for me, why not?) and I gotta say they're great. Aside from the fit and grip being exactly what I want, they each come with two screen protector sheets, two headphone jack plugs, and two data jack plugs. Awesome.
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