Book Reviews All The Way Down
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"Book review" typically refers to the review of a single book. Is there a term for a single article that reviews the collective works of an author?
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A critical retrospective?
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More generally, I suppose you might refer to something like an "author profile" (which sounds like a feature article) or a "literature review" (a scholarly term more commonly used to describe an article summarizing existing published research articles in an area of study). In the latter case, then, the author would be the topic in question.
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I think it would depend on how such an article was structured and what the scope of it was.

If it was an opinion piece that included individual reviews of all of said author's work, that would probably be more of a listicle.

If it was an piece that gave review-style opinions on the author's oeuvre, but as one cohesive thing, not individually -- e.g. "Dave Eggers: Way Overrated Because Reasons" or whatever, I'd tend to call that an editorial, I guess? Or a piece of literary criticism? Though "literary criticism" is also what people like Derrida did, so maybe not the best term for it.

If it's less an opinion piece and more an article about the author's various works -- perhaps with weasel-wordy veiled opinionish stuff like "X is generally considered her magnum opus", or whatever -- I'd consider that a feature article.
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I was going to suggest retrospective, possibly combined with another word like career or critical, as zadcat suggests.
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I propose a new term -- oeuvreview -- which is a portmanteau of oeuvre and review.

Seriously, though, I think that Madamina is right. "Author profile" or "literary review" would seem to be the two most likely terms.
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An Omibus Review?
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review essay
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An opus critique?
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"review essay," right?
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"Review essay" is the phrase for a review-style piece that covers more than one book.
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'Overview' is what I'd call that. (I really like asnider's proposed 'oeuvreview' though!)
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