Such good music
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Hey was anyone riding the G this morning? Who was the awesome musician playing his banjo, drum, tambourine? Everyone in the station was feeling it. Here's a sample. Where I can hear more and not just wait until Monday morning?
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I'm not from that area, but your one-man instrument combo made me think of Phillip Roebuck. At the very least it might hold you over until you find the real answer.
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Was it Zack Orion? Scroll down for pics/video.
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Zack Orion often plays on the Metropolitan Ave. platform with the instruments you describe.
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Is this the same fellow?
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(For future reference, my link was to a video of Morgan O'Kane playing.)
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I was coming in to say Morgan O'Kane too but he's usually at the Bedford L or Union Square L stop. But he's pretty great.
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Oh, I love Morgan O'Kane! Dude is righteous! Here's a video of him -- perhaps it'll help you rule him out?

(On that note, if you're into this kind of music may I suggest some Shakey Graves? He's quite similar to O'Kane, busked for Mumford and Sons Railroad Stops a while back and just all around fucking rocks.)
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