Remind me to text "I love you."
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The "jazz up my marriage" app -- what's it called and where do I get it?

A few YEARS ago, back when I was a lurker and not a member, I saw someone describe an app/email/texting program that basically sent you randomized tasks to do to demonstrate your love for your partner. The tasks varied in cost and time investment, and the point was to make your partner feel spontaneously loved and appreciated while at the same time acknowledging that some folks aren't so good at being spontaneously affectionate. That's something I really struggle with, and I'd really like to address that.

I remember that some of the tasks included things like "bring home flowers (or another thing s/he loves) for no reason" and "are you at home? it's time to find your loved one and give them a kiss on the forehead". From what I understand, it wasn't an app/program/thingie that you had to keep open for it to send you messages; once you set it up, it basically sent you messages randomly until you either uninstalled it or unsubscribed.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? Or about something similar? I'd be done for something I could use on my laptop, phone, or ipod, but would really prefer it be discreet, so that my partner doesn't necessarily need to confront that I need prompts to be romantic, appreciative, and spontaneous for someone I care about so much.
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Best answer: Well, I found Husband I Love You and 201 Romantic Ideas and Romantic Ideas in the Android store. All a bit cheesy but sweet too. None seems to send you randomized tasks but all have a series of tips. Another Android app that may meet your criteria is 30 Day Relationship Challenge.

There are a lot of similar apps in Itunes if you search using "romantic" or "romantic ideas."
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Best answer: Google the phrase romance reminder app. There are a bunch of hits.
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Response by poster: :whacks self in head:

That's a way better search than the one I was doing...

Keep the suggestions coming!! :D
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Well, I AM a librarian, after all. :-)
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