I'm trying to find a particular video of a pipe organist playing Liszt's piano sonata
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I'm looking for a video of an excerpt from Liszt's piano sonata in B minor transcribed for the pipe organ. I am pretty sure it was played by a Dutch man, or in the Netherlands, and he had two different colored socks. The obvious youtube searches are turning up nothing. Anybody?
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Do you recall the context you saw it in? Youtube, television, etc?

No luck so far; if it helps I'm pretty sure Dutch for pipe organ is "pijporgel" or "pij porgel."
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I'm guessing this isn't the version you're looking for, because I can't see any socks, but it is worth listening to anyway. End of the recital (Andreas Rothkopf).

[organ in Dutch is normally just "orgel", like in German. Pijporgel is okay but old-fashioned and turns up no searches in this particular case. Pij porgel is a more int eresting way of wr iting it, but that doesn't help]
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Blnkfrnk, I saw it on youtube perhaps a year ago.
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