What creative programs allow users to 'explore' with randomization tools?
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Are there any consumer or professional creative programs that offer randomization tools along the lines of 'Brainstorm' in Adobe After Effects?

Brainstorm is a tool that lets you randomize (with control) specified variables in your project. I am interested if any music, graphic design or other video programs allow the artist to experiment with their work in this manner.

More on Brainstorm here (see pages 5-6):

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Ableton Live has all kinds of randomization options for it's built in synths and effects.
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The iPhone/iPad app Glitch Machine has a mutate button. sfxr has randomize and mutate (flash version).

Based on my limited experience it's very common in audio apps as you can jam just about anything into some filters and get something listenable.

Almost all fractal apps that support IFS or cellular automata will have randomize settings.
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