Another Arabic translation question.
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Another Arabic translation question.

I had a calligrapher write this for me a couple of months ago and already I've forgotten what it means. It's supposed to be a wise saying about science, knowledge or learning.

Anyway, can someone give me a transliteration and translation?

Calligraphy is here.
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Not a fluent Arabic speaker by any means, but I believe it says something along the lines of "Seek knowledge from the cradle" (someone correct me if I'm way off!).
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Papayago, you are correct but skipped the two words at the end in lighter font. The phrase is "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the end." In Arabic it rhyme: "min al-MAHD ila al-HADD."

The bottom right says "noble hadith." Presumably this is a quotation from hadith.
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Just to clarify - dzkalman's transliteration (min al-MAHD ila al-HADD) is for "from the cradle to the end," not the whole sentence.
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Thanks for the answers so far! So can anyone give me a complete transliteration?

And does anyone know if this is from the hadiths?
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"Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave"

Transliteration: Utluboo al-'ilm min al-mahd ila al-hadd

Although similar to other hadiths and quotes from the Quran urging the pursuit and study of knowledge, it seems to be a popular phrase/proverb rather than an authentic hadith. [source]
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