How can I improve my resume?
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How can I improve my resume?

I'm a 24 year old female, currently about 18 months out of graduation. I've worked at a digital and print marketing firm since then, doing a lot of creative work that involves anything from photo retouching to 3D modelling. Everything to the right of the color strip is a position or job I've held within my current company.

I don't have a specific industry I'm looking to move into, but I do want a position that will allow me to flex my art skills.
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In case this gets deleted for the self-link, the metafilter wiki has a list of MeFites who are willing to look at your resume and give you suggestions.
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Have you considered moving to a project-based resume? A friend showed me a resume the other day that listed all the work they did in past jobs, but instead of sorted by employer and skills, it was like 6 or 7 large projects, detailing everything they'd did and showing examples of the work. I thought it was a refreshing take on resumes.
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