Help a relative server n00b keep his Mac Mini safe.
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I'm planning on getting a Mac Mini with Lion Server. I don't have much experience with security or setup. Point me to some basic articles, sites, or books, please. I'll also take any advice the hivemind might have as well.

This is for a household with multiple Macs, iPods, iPhones and an iPad.

My interests are for backup, as a household media server and as a drive I can access from outside the home, as well as the small, energy efficient footprint that fits anywhere. I've done enough research to know that this pretty much fits the bill.

How do I keep it secure, yet still be able to access it anytime I like?

I have lifelong (since the first Macs, as a kid) experience with computers and am pretty savvy, and know enough to know that I could get myself in a lot of trouble.
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See: Using Apple OS X Lion Server as a Home Server

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