Do you know of a good fondue recipe?
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I'm in need of a tried and tested fondue recipe. I had a great one, made with fontina cheese that I got from a vegetarian cookbook, but I just can't find it again. If possible recipes with reasonably priced cheeses would be great as I'm making this for a party of 15.
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This might constitute a wisecrack, but I have a 60s-vintage fondue pot that has a quick, cheap and easy recipe that mostly comprises cream of cheddar soup and 7-Up. I jest not.
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Good Eat's Fondu Vudu has been very, very good to me.
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Try this one. And if that doesn't float your boat, just do a search on epicurious, they have a bunch.
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There are a pretty wide variety of fondue recipes by region, so this might be a different flavor than what you're looking for. This page pretty well highlights the essentials of Swiss fondue, which is where I learned my fondue-ing.

The Neuchatel fondue recipe is the most affordable here in the US, since Gruyere and Emmenthal are pretty common. But the canton Glarus has by far my favorite fondue. Note that Schabzieger is also sold as Sapsago, but either way, it's harder to get than Gruyere and Emmenthal.

Most recipes call for wine but, gasp, I find that apple juice is a better flavor depending on the cheeses. If you have time to experiment, it might be worth trying.
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As always, I'll recommend AllRecipes as a fantastic source for trying out new recipes (since you can rely on the reviews and variations suggested by other cooks). There's a whole section on fondue; some of those that received great reviews include Basic Fondue, Creamy Veggie Fondue, and Cheese Fondue (the last of which, including Gruyere, looks to be the most expensive in terms of ingredients). Good luck!!
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Don't skimp on the Appenzeller - its strong flavor is really delightful. The recipe I use calls for equal parts Appenzeller, Emmenthal and Gruyere, and a few cups of white wine, but I find that any old block of domestic swiss will do in place of the other two cheeses.
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