All I want for Christmas is a dress that fits right.
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I just bought this dress from Anthropologie and I adore it. Help me find more dresses like this; vaguely 20s/30s, unexpected patterns, and flattering to someone with wider hips/smaller waist.

Most dresses that I've seen look vaguely costume-y or are made of stiffer, unforgiving materials that do not play well with my curves (if it fits in the hip, it will likely not fit anywhere else). I'd love sleeves and a mid-calf hem, something I can wear in the winter without needing to carry a shawl or a cardigan.

You who have scoured the deeper reaches of the internet, help!
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Have you tried Modcloth?
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Cache is having a sale...60% off sale items. Do you like this?
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That style looks like a Diane Von Furstenberg inspired wrap dress.
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Also try Ruche, which is in the same vein as ModCloth.
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Sounds like you have my body type!

If you wear a size 14 or larger (or maybe even a 12), you will look spectacular in dresses from Lee Lee's Valise (The photos on that site are just awful, so I wish I had a photo of me in one to show you. They have a storefront in Brooklyn worth visiting, and a wrap dress that looks amazing on everyone and comes in all sorts of fun patterns.)

Flirt has a lot of dresses and skirts that seem very much your style. In particular, take a look at their Gala wrap dress. It was designed by Karina, which makes many dresses that I think you'll love (I want a few of them so bad, but have none yet).

Desigual also turns out to have a few dresses that fit our hourglass-ish/pear-ish body type well, too (like this one). And boy do they do unexpected patterns! Their stuff is frequently on sale on Ideeli. (Free returns, obvs, so worth trying out.)

On the less expensive end of things, Old Navy actually has a bunch of flowy fabric dresses at the moment that ought to match the fit and look you're going for. Simpler patterns, but they look really good - I have a striped dress from there that cost $25 and looks just wonderful on me. I do think it looks better with a nicely colorful shrug over the top, though, which I know isn't what you're looking for.
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I third ModCloth. Also Tulle is having a MASSIVE sale right now and is in that same vein. I just got a $120 coat for $20.
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DVF wrap dresses great suggestion because they are super flattering on curvy types.

Look for Ralph Lauren jersey dresses at Macy's, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom. RL does a lot of this type in solids and prints.
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I have a few dresses from Gap that fit like that! I just perused their website but couldn't find one that seemed close to the shape of the dress you bought, but their sweater dresses are probably the closest thing. They have free returns by mail now (and in store, but I like mail because USPS does free pickups) so I tend to go crazy and just try a ton of stuff on.

In the same vein, seconding Old Navy this season, they've been disappointing me for years but their "ponte-knit" and "fit and flare" dresses are heavy-weight and flattering. I buy Anthropologie dresses whenever they fit me (I'm a size 16ish with really serious hips so their jersey stuff is amazing but if it doesn't stretch I'm out of luck) because I like the fact that most of their clothes are lined, and honestly these Old Navy dresses are holding up better than most of the Anthro stuff I buy.

I have two stores that reliably work well for my body shape, which is similar to what you describe, DownEast Basics and Ruche. Both of them are basically cheaper Anthropologie, and from DownEast I got the exact same dress in a different color (I don't mean it was a knock-off, it was the same obscure brand that seems to only exists for one season at Anthropologie) for 1/4 of the price.

The dress you bought reminds me a lot of Shabby Apple, they get recommended her a lot but I've never tried anything from them. I think someone mentioned they were made to be more modest and office appropriate than most dresses, and the fact that you're rocking a pretty high neckline might make it a good option.

Also, the Stop Staring line is wonderful and very flattering to smaller waists. I've seen dresses significantly marked down on Modcloth and I think Torrid and Lane Bryant (if you can wear plus sizes) also have that brand on sale fairly often.

I know these options are more "Mad Men" than being vaguely 20/30s, but it sounds like you may want something in high quality jersey (since it will stretch to fit your hips but still fit you well everywhere else) and that's pretty much the only thing I wear, so I hope you find something promising in my recommendations!
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