Finding a pendant lamp that won't break my bank
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Where can I find an affordable, attractive, globe-ish pendant lamp? Like this one, but under a gazillion dollars.

I'm looking to light a nice big space with a series of hanging pendants - about 20x50'. We've settled on orb-shaped pendants so we can get a little light bounce off of the ceiling, but can't seem to find ones that are what we're looking for.

Something like this globe would be great and in our price range, but we'd rather not go the exposed-bulb route - I think they're a little too harsh on everyone's eyes if going full blast, and we're primarily using the space at night.

None of the big lighting sites (Lamps Plus, etc) seem to have names for these types of lamps so I've been going through pages and pages of Applebees-style pendants and still coming up empty.
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Try Ikea. They have this.
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Lots of different choices under $200 on teh googles.
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Response by poster: I use Google Shopping for stuff all the time, but with everyone's inability to tag their lamps as "globes" I just assumed it was a lost cause. This is great!
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I have this from CB2 and LOVE it. $199!
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I see these sorts of globe lampshades in second-hand shops all the time. I even picked up eight (8!) of them in various sizes for an art project recently from the rubbish tip. (The bit of the tip where they segregate stuff that still works and charge a nominal fee for it). I paid $25 total.

If you want a whole chandelier's worth, I recommend hunting at thrift shops first.
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Check Overstock, We Got Lites (I know, terrible name but great lights), and Wayfair.
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