Suggestions for awesome and unusual Advent calendar that can ship to the UK before, like, July?
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Does anybody know of a specific awesome Advent calendar, not run-of-the-mill but more like the Selfridges Lancome calendar, that I can get delivered in the UK within the next couple of days?

I know there are a lot of good ones on Etsy but it's difficult to narrow down geographically. One example is an Advent calendar with a pair of Christmas earrings behind every door. But I can't wait to order from the States, and it's hard to keep Etsy narrowed down to a geographical search.

Does anybody know of a specific calendar I could order?
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I don't know how fast it ships, but The Whiskey Advent Calendar seems pretty cool.
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Who's it for? There are a couple different Lego advent calendars.
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Best answer: Based on your Lancome example you might like: Nail polish advent calender, YOU beauty products advent calender, Liz Earle beauty products advent calender.
Looks like they are UK based & in stock.
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Can you make your own?
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Response by poster: I could, if I had the right number of little products to put in it.

Of course, I would already know what was behind each door (confession: it's for me...) (but I might get one or two for other people)
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Response by poster: Clarification: If I bought a beauty product advent calendar, it would only be for me, because beauty products are idiosyncratic. I would take the risk of unsuitable beauty products for myself, but not for someone else.

I was thinking of giving a beauty advent calendar as a gift next Friday, but I would have to be able to pick and choose the items that go in it, which probably means a refillable one containing a variety of small samples. That seems difficult to coordinate quickly enough so I am semi-ruling it out unless someone here knows of a source.

I don't drink, but if I were rich I'd get the Whisky Advent Calendar for an aficionado I know. It's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for, but out of my price range.
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Response by poster: All right so here's what I did.

I most wanted the YOU beauty products Advent calendar but it is very expensive. Which I expected, but I didn't feel I could justify spending that much on beauty products when I already have lots.

So then I thought Nail polish is not an area I've put enough time into, I should pursue that. But it's sold out.

So then I thought "hmmm chocolate" followed by "oh, sold out" or "oh, pricey".

So I went to the deli and picked up a common or garden chocolate calendar. But then I looked at the ingredient list and it had vanillin, a bugbear of an artificial flavor. I put it back and decided to get 25 little delicacies and find an empty calendar.

But every small thing I looked at had artificial crap in it (I know, gourmet sweetmeats should be above it!) and I kept having to put stuff back, and the only things that weren't fake, were too big. And this reminded me that I didn't even have the calendar in which to fit these things, and I'd have to make a separate journey for that.

Then I got hungry and bought everything.

Self-control isn't really my strong point.

So here is my plan for next year:

1. Keep an eye out for fabric, little boxes, and crafting materials over the next year, and use them to design and make a bunch of Advent calendars for Christmas 2013.
2. Keep my eyes peeled for tchotchkes suitable for each recipient, throughout the year, giving me plenty of time to accumulate 25 per person at minimal expense. (I actually have a bundle of appropriately-sized gifts for the tel3mum, but unfortunately not 25 of them.) The bulkiest gift can be behind Door 25 in each case.
3. Shop for my own Advent calendar in early November and be prepared to unleash some of the green stuff to get a good one (like the YOU beauty products Advent calendar which I still crave, even though it's irrational).

So the answer to my own question is "plan ahead" but ermahgerd do I want that YOU beauty products Advent calendar. I'd have bought that if I didn't want to preserve my self-image as a rational and thrifty person (STOP THAT LAUGHING).
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