What happened to the prisoners in Miami's Mega Jail, post Louis Theroux?
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Miami Mega Jail with Louis Theroux-- what happened to them?

After watching Louis Theroux's documentary last night I was interested to hear about the fates of the prisoners (jail-ees?). Louis Theroux's blog, which upon google-searching, appears to have this kind of info, will not load for me (I've tried on a number of computers and emailed them at the BBC). Does anyone know where I could find this kind of info? Did anyone do a follow up? Is Robert Shaw still on death row? Have changes been made to the prison in any way?

My googling is failing me here. I'm getting a lot of trash talk on body building forums, for some reason, and a few reviews of the show-- not much else. Any ideas about how/where to find out more? Or-- is the blog working for you?
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The site isn't loading for me, either. I was able to access a post via Google cache that was apparently made in June, 2011:
Hi, I’m Louis’s series producer and I also directed the two Miami Mega-Jail films, Part 1 and 2.

I know many of you have been asking about two of the people who featured in the second episode.

I’m in contact with Robert Shaw (accused of triple murder and in solitary confinement.) He’s still awaiting trial, but he’s not facing the death penalty anymore. He’s still writing and tells me that an editor is currently considering his books for publication. Once I know more I will post.

Brenton Smith (the 14 year old who left Boot Camp) has just been returned to Boot Camp to try a second time to complete the course.

I’ll keep you all posted with any further developments once I hear them,


Emma Cooper
I'm not finding a further update via search.
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