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What are your favorite LED christmas lights that are closest to incandescents in warmth and glow?

I've tried a few sets of LED Christmas lights that just don't cut it. They are cool, bluish in color and nowhere near the effect of the incandescents. Surely, with the technology improving, there must be better options. Your recommendations, please?
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I've got 4 or 5 sets from http://www.christmas-light-source.com.
Not specifically white, since I tend to go for color in my decorating.
But they seem to be high-quality and they ship fast.
The colors are still good, with no fading.

One thing to note is that the larger sized bulbs (C7/C9) seem to resemble incandescent more than the small "pinpoint" style.
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Phillips sells some LEDs that are indistinguishable from incandescents. It is kind of amazing, actually. Target sold them last year- they had a display of all the lights turned on, and it was only the one kind that looked good. They sold out super fast last year- I would guess that they will have many more in stock this year.
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Best answer: About 3 years ago, my wife and I were on the same hunt and were determined to replace all of our old small incandescent lights at once. We looked high and low, but finally had success at Sears with the General Electric Energy Smart lights in Warm White like so.

When we were at the store, we found one of their pre-lit artificial trees that were using these and it looked a lot more like the incandescent's than the blueish LED's on the trees surrounding it. Once we read the tag on the tree, we looked for those specific lights, and asked one of the clerks if we could open boxes and plug them in, to make sure they weren't blueish. 15 minutes later, we had plugged in 3 or 4 different makes/models/brands, found the ones we wanted, and then bought out their entire stock. (Much to the disappointment of the guy standing next to us in line looking for the same type of lights.) Asking to plug them was really "make or break" with finding the right lights. Good luck.
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My brother in law recently looked into this for his job and recommends GE Energy Smart Colorite.
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