How to share info within a work group?
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Info sharing question. A group of us at work need to share some info among (between?) ourselves. Details follow....

We are a group of 6 salesmen who have overlapping accounts. What is the best way to share information, call reports, pricing etc as we call on them? Background: Fortune 500 company with proprietary sales management software not meant for sharing info; company provided Blackberry phones with strictly monitored internet access; 4 of us have ipads; 5 have pc's, 1 has a mac. Would this be a Dropbox thing? Or any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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You might want to consider Glassboard, which calls itself "private social network for groups".
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One place I've worked at used Dropbox for this, but the syncing got a little messy. It was a couple years ago though, so maybe the technology has improved? If you'll always be updating your documents in a place with wifi/3g access, I'd recommend google docs. (Assuming that its not blocked on the blackberry's.)
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I'm not sure how well Blackberry and iPad support Google Docs (now integrated into their Dropbox-like-event, Google Drive) . I've been happy with iPad Safari's support of google but I've never tried it with Docs/Drive. Sharing with your group is quite easy once everyone's set up.
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You need some Yammer in your company life. Free, with paid enterprise versions. Cloud-based. Simple, intuitive, familiar interface. iDevice, android, blackberry clients.

Don't know which Fortune 500 company you're from, but 80% of them use Yammer for doing exactly the kind of thing you describe...
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Seconding Yammer. But one thing to consider is that most systems you use are going to leave a lasting trail of your activities.

You don't make clear if you need the workaround because you're going against company policy or because the process doesn't work for you and you need to bypass it for efficiency.

If you're going against policy, I'd still go for Yammer but I'd institute the rule that you only access it off your personal phone/ipad etc. Otherwise one of your mates will, inevitably, either leave it open or have it autosign in when he logs on.
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Another option, similar to Yammer, is Chatter. Yammer's owned by Microsoft and Chatter's owned by Salesforce, but functionality is broadly similar and they're both free.
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mgrrl: Chatter is free if you're a Salesforce customer. Not sure if it's free if you're not.
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