How to best serve crepes as appetizers?
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Best way to serve crepes as appetizers?

Hello everyone,

We're having a potluck-type work event on Friday where different teams are supposed to bring food from different countries. We got France so I'm bringing crepes :)

I have a good crepe recipe and I make crepes quite often for myself but I'm wondering how best to serve them for a group -- should I make mini crepes and roll them up or should I make a regular crepe, roll it up then slice it with a knife and spear it with a toothpick?

I think I'm going to go with dessert type fillings like lemon/sugar, strawberries/nutella, pear/brie.

Basically just wondering how best to serve/fold them for a group!

Thanks for your help!
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it'll be a lot of work to make mini crepes if in the end you have the same thing from slicing larger crepes and putting everything on toothpicks.
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My first thought was to go the mini route but that's too much work and since you want appetizer portions, I would go with slicing larger crepes and using toothpicks.
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Oh, and my favorite dessert crepe is salted caramel. Not that you asked.
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Crepes are sometimes served as street food, no utensils necessary. If you make the fillings thick or chunky enough, you can take a full-sized or smallish crepe, plop a small dollop of filling on one quarter, fold in half, then in half again --- or, depending on the size of the crepe, in half and then in thirds. Wrap the folded crepe in a small piece of parchment, foil, or a sturdy paper napkin, and hand it over.
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1. Spread w something yummy; slice crosswise into spirals; spear through the spiral to anchor shape. You could do a savory plate (smoked salmon or herb cream cheese or something) and a sweet one with nautili.

2. Alternately, you can stack layers of crepes and filling into a torte, then cut the torte up into little cubes that you present in cupcake liners.
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For a Appetizer / Starter it seems odd to do sweet Crepes. Why not do savoury Galette's with buckwheat flour and some Emmental or something savoury, mushrooms, Ham etc.. mmm
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Sorry, use of word appetizer was wrong. I just meant something that is easy to serve at a potluck for a group. These will be in the dessert category! Thanks for the ideas so far!
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I'd do regular sized crepes, but prefill and fold them into 1/4ths. Easy to eat with the hands.

Rolling is when you can eat with knife and fok.
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I've done rolled crepes with sweet and fruity fillings for a couple of parties (sour cherry compote in one instance and sliced banana with chocolate syrup in the other), exactly how you described: big crepe, rolled up, sliced diagonally, and pierced with a toothpick. It was easy to eat, looked good on a platter, and made a few crepes go a long way. That's what I'd recommend.
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Either pre folded crepes or crepes stacked up layered with filling, torte style - then you just need a plate and a knife to cut into wedges.
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