Help! Facebook integration messed up my iPhone's contacts!
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Help! Facebook integration messed up my iPhone's contacts!

I stupidly let Facebook integrate itself into my iPhone, and now all my contacts are screwy. Basically, it seems to have used a first name & last name match to add info from Facebook to my contacts. Unfortunately, we don't have so many names in my culture, so now a bunch of people have had the wrong photos, email addresses, middle names, etc. added to their contacts on my phone. Worst of all, I can't seem to edit the wrong data. Whereas before I had:

John Smith
John Smith's info

I now have:
John A. Smith
John Smith's info
John A. Smith's info

And none of John A Smith's data can be removed.

Anyone know how to fix this? Or reverse it?
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This pretty much happened to everyone I know that has an iPhone after the last big update. I went into settings somewhere and turned it back off and all was okay. My sister did the same thing and lost all her contacts. YMMV
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Go to Settings, scroll down to Facebook, flip the contacts tab to "off" then press the update all contacts buttons.

I ran into a similar problem following the update and this worked for me to reverse the problem.
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