Breast reduction surgery is another option, I suppose.
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I have this dress, and while it fits well at the waist and through my ribs and I've worn it before, it squishes my 30F chest in a way that does not look flattering at all. There is not enough extra fabric to let the dress out, and I can't buy a larger size. Whom in Seattle can I trust to do a great job at converting the zippered back (all the way to my nape, with mesh fabric upper half) to a lace corset back? Any other ideas?
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Best answer: Another option you might want to consider is asking the tailor to use some of the fullness of the skirt to create another panel in the back. It looks in the photo like the skirt fabric is the same as the bodice fabric, just the other way up.
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Response by poster: Brilliant! I assume that'd be something that can be inserted under each armpit, leaving the back zipper and the top mesh part and neckline (which fits well) intact.
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Best answer: This is a beautiful dress. I would look for someone that has a great reputation for making wedding dresses. They can insert fabric gussets at the sides or make a back lace-up corset. See here: Adding gussets.
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Best answer: Pretty! Nthing that it's the same fabric as on the skirt, and taking out some of the fullness for another panel or gussets in the bodice wouldn't affect the look of the skirt too much (there's a LOT of fabric in a skirt as full as that).

Also seconding the tip to look for someone who makes wedding dresses. Look at their portfolio to get an idea of their sewing quality.
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Response by poster: My regular tailor added 1" underarm gussets on each side from the the back of the skirt fabric for $20! Perfect. Now, any ideas how to accessorize it for an early 60s themed party? A non-themed office Christmas party? I have a short red faux fur shrug, would that be appropriate at the 60s party?
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