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Please recommend a kid-friendly place for lunch within walking distance of the Boston Ballet.

I am taking my 5 year old daughter to the Nutcracker at the Boston Ballet next Saturday. The show starts at 1pm, and I thought it would be nice to get a quick lunch somewhere nearby before we go to the show. We were planning to park in a garage close to the theatre and see what we could find in the immediate vicinity. It is likely to be chilly, and she is only 5 so we are limited by how fast/far she can reasonably walk. I am not terribly familiar with Boston, so I don't know whether there are any good places in that area or what kind of neighborhood it is or what, and it would be nice to not be wandering around aimlessly in the cold.

A cafe with sandwiches or something would be ideal, nothing too fancy. She is only a moderately adventurous eater; she will happily eat japanese and chinese food, but thai and indian are a little more hit-or-miss since she is not a fan of spicy things in general. We can probably find something she would like at most any place you would recommend. I just want to get a little protein in her so she can enjoy the show.

Thanks in advance!
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You could totally do Fajitas N' Ritas (Mexican) or Max and Dylan's (Pub food)
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Gourmet Dumpling House is really yummy, though kind of low on atmosphere. Also they prepare the dumplings to order, so it can take a little while to get your food. The Opera House is in Downtown Crossing (which can get a little deserted on weekends) and adjacent to Chinatown - there are lots of good places in Chinatown.

A little further away (about 1/2 mile walk), Vapiano is a sort of fast-casual Italian place that I have often wound up going to before the theater.

There's a place almost right across from the Opera House called UFood that does "healthy" fast food - nothing special, but probably a five year old would like it.

The neighborhood is a little gritty looking but as safe as anyplace at 1 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon.
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The Boston Common Coffeehouse has sandwiches, and is just up the street (and maybe a little less like fast food than UFood). Fajitas and Ritas isn't Great, but she could get a quesadilla or something kid-friendly, and they do let you draw on the tablecloths. Back Deck has brunch on Sunday and kid's menu.

None of these are fancy, but they're all very nearby and would be fine to visit with a child. Just FYI, the Opera House is Gorgeous, and is in what was formerly called "the Combat Zone". It is now Very cleaned up and home to places like the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton. Enjoy!
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I took some folks to the UFood grille and it was tasty.
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Max and Dylan's is super close, and has perfectly fine pub food.

My sister, her daughter and I went to the Nutcracker last year, and we went to eat afterwards at Marliave. v old restaurant, also close; slightlier fancy pub food.

Chinatown is a couple of blocks away, and there are a ton of options there. Gourmet Dumpling House is good, but can have v long lines. I really like the Dumpling Cafe on Washington St (same street as theater).
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I haven't been in that area in years, so I can't recommend food, but the place has cleaned up amazingly. When I was last there ~15 years ago it was run down but safe on a Saturday afternoon. Now, well, if it wasn't for the Opera House and the Paramount, I would think I was looking at a completely different street. I know that architecture is not an absolute indicator of safety, but you should have no problems if you end up wandering. The bigger problem is that it's probably going to be quite cold.

Are you planning on parking under the Boston Common or in a different lot? This is something you should probably figure out in advance, given how stupid the street layout of Boston is. (Not to mention the Massholes behind the wheels, although I can testify to the fact that the street layout leads to the driving style.)
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There's a new place on the corner called something like Back Deck, looks clean. There's an upscale cafe on the other side of the Paramount. Boston Coffee is a good (slightly hipster) coffee place with reasonable sandwiches.
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Thanks everyone! Some great suggestions here!
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