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Please hope me plan the perfect week in Lake Como, Italy!

Friends have a house in Argegno and have tasked me with the itinerary. Suggestions for what to do and see in the Lake Como region? I'd like to give them a "day 1 do this, day 2 see this and eat here" sort of plan. Budget is not a big worry, but a mix of things would be great. They'll have a car and are interested in things for all seasons, though the first trip is in May. Thanks!
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Best answer: My best memories of Como:

1. Hiring a speedboat for the day, and zipping around the lake gawping at the Villas (including Villa Clooney)

2. Climbing up to Volta's Lighthouse on foot

3. Fantastic mixed fish grill lunches by the shore

4. Lazing away an afternoon at Villa L'este
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The lighthouse (faro) is a must - great views. And there plenty of walking trails around through the hills that will keep you occupied for hours. Have fun!
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I remember a great restaurant at Piazza Terragni in Como. Don't remember the name. Maybe it isn't there anymore.
If I were going there now, I'd make a day trip to Bergamo.
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Best answer: The cooking class at Il Caminetto is excellent.
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