Political affiliations of MPs
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Research help: I'm trying to find political affiliations for specific members of the British House of Lords in the 1850s and 1860s.

I understand that because Parliament is so much bigger than the US Congress, it's harder to have definitive lists of everyone. I'm just hoping for a roster or something from one of the years in that period that lets me quickly learn whether, say, Lord Colchester is conservative or liberal. As of now, I'm doing a lot of detective work - eg reading through a biography, learning that the person voted against a piece of legislation, looking up that legislation, and only then knowing affiliation.

I'm an American college student and so have access to scholarly resources! Thank you.
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Wikipedia actually has some resources, listing members of parliament by year for 1852, 1857 and 1868, and listing their party affiliation. They also have lists of MP by party affiliation.
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Note that said Wikipedia pages don't have any source listed for the party affiliations. If you need this for scholarly purposes, you'll have to look elsewhere.
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Would the appropriate edition's of Burke's Peerage have what you're looking for? If you're only looking for lords, they should all be included. I do not know if their political affiliation will be listed though.
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Might be worth a try seeing if the House of Lords Information Office has a readily-accessible list, or can advise you where to look.
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There are some sources listed in the Talk section for the 1852 election on Wikipedia.

Your library might have a copy of Who's who of British members of Parliament.
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It looks like Google Books has some editions of Dod's Parliamentary Companion available for full view.

It includes the political affiliation for the House of Commons, but it only indicates if a member of the House of Lords supports or doesn't support the government (e.g. 1852).
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