Wayback Machine isn't far enough
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How to find a cached version of Mitt Romney's campaign website?

I'm a librarian and I'm helping students in a political science class. They're supposed to look at Romney and Obama's websites and compare them. Obama's is still up, but Romney's only shows a landing page.

The wayback machine does have cached versions of mittromeny.com, but they only have up to 2011- nothing from the past year. The Google cache is of the current placeholder site- which serves as a redirect to Romney's Facebook page.

Are there other places to go to look for a sites's cache? Or a place with lots of screencaps of Romeny's website?

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http://www.4president.us/websites/2012/mittromney2012website.htm Mostly screencaps from various times during the campaign, including the day after the election.
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