Best spot for a mid-January mosquito-less vacation?
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Where should we spend our vacation days in mid-January?

Hi, we have about a week of vacation to use in mid-January (originating in the Boston area.) Any suggestions?

It has to be cheap-ish (so no African safaris, unfortunately.) We've not been adventurous travelers before, but are up for some adventure. Warm would be awesome, and I like beaches, but beach-less is OK too. Our thoughts so far have been Rio (assuming can get a reasonable flight) and Big Sur, but I'm having a hard time thinking outside the box.

(I really want to go to Belize, but mosquitos attack me like no one else, so I'd like to avoid this problem, if possible.)

Open and grateful to any ideas!
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I've been to various parts of Puerto Rico in the months of November and March. Never had any problems with bloodsucking freaks, I mean mosquitoes.

The southern part of the island is dry like the Netherlands Antilles so if there's any concern about standing water during January, I'd head there. I have very fond memories of La Parguera, a little town with a great nearby beach in the southwest corner of the island.
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Anguilla is a very cute little island in Caribbean that might be worth checking out.
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Big Sur ain't warm in January. Sure, warmer than Boston, but not warm. Also, depending on weather, parts of US 1 can be closed due to rock slides.

I would recommend a California Road Trip if you're so inclined.

Start in LA. You can do a bit of touring in Hollywood, or if you'd rather, go out to Malibu, Santa Moncia, or explore some of the coast line.

Then head up 101 (not as picturesque as the Pacific Coast Highway, but more expedient). Stop in Santa Barbara if that's your bag. If not proceed to San Luis Obispo. Via Solvang. Stop at Pea Soup Andersons. Take an hour or so to check out the Mission Santa Inez.

When you get to SLO, get a room at the Madonna Inn. Enjoy a meal in the gilded dining room, breakfast on pink cinnamon toast. Then head up to Hearst Castle. Reservations recommended.

You can take US 1 further up the coast, or go south on US 1 to State Rd 84, to cut over to 101. On the right hand side, you'll see the actual Hidden Valley Ranch. (You kind of go, "oh, so there it is" and you keep on driving.") On 101 you'll be between miles and miles of table grapes, it's amazing.

Then go to Carmel/Monterrey/Santa Cruz, depending on your bent. We went to Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz, and then to the Boardwalk. But there are plenty of amazing hotels, motels, B&Bs in the area. You can check out the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, or poke around Capitola. Plenty of places to ramble and wander.

Take a side trip to Mission San Juan Bautista.

From there, up 101 to San Jose, and the Rosecrucian Museum. and Winchester Mystery House.

Then up the 101 into San Francisco.

We did this on our honeymoon and had a blast. Get a boat of a rental car, a land barge, for lots of luggage and total comfort.
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If you do a California road trip starting in LA, I'd head toward Joshua Tree and Death Valley myself.
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