I want a robote. I want a toye bat man. I want a Batman helykoptr.
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My seven year old wants a robot for christmas. Help me find one.

I don't think he has a specific toy in mind. I'm looking for a classic sci-fi style, possibly remote control. Silence is golden. I don't want a kit or Transformer. I try to buy quality things that won't break when looked at. Budget is around $25 for this.
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How about a purple robot penguin? A hair over your budget, but freaking cute!

Thesese are interesting and in the same price-range. Bonus, the kid gets to build/assemble the robot.

Here's one called Sparking Mike, that's an old school tin-robot. He don't do much, but he sure do look like a robot.
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Here's one that would interest a 7 y.o. boy - remote control, classic styling without being retro, and it shoots little soft rubber disks. $24.
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Here are some old school tin robots. Or search google for "tin toy robot".
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David Weeks Cubebot in Action
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