in the utmost silence, through serious immobilities
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Somnolent, hypnotic, stark, or unsettling piano music: recommend it.

I'm in need of more piano music in the style of Feldman's "Palais de Mari", Young's "The Well-Tuned Piano", Satie's "Vexations", Dennis Johnson's "November", and the ever-popular "In a Landscape" or "Gnossiennes"/"Gymnopédies". I would even accept pieces with unobtrusive additional accompaniment like Anouar Brahem's "Déjà La Nuit". (Aksak Maboul's "Ossip and Lili" fits in here somewhere, although it's a bit faster than I'd like.) Thanks in advance!
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Chopin Nocturnes are the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe not unsettling enough?
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If you don't mind a little glitch mixed in with your piano, there's always Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto.
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Sample a little piano music by Alan Hovhaness at this YouTube link. The album "Fred the Cat", a collection of his piano works, might be of interest to you.
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And I just looked at the prices for that recording at Amazon. Ouch! I didn't realize I owned such a collector's item. Well, I'm off to set fire to some 20 dollar bills just for the fun of it.
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I enjoy The Social Network's soundtrack, such as "It Catches Up With You."
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Branka Parlic plays Philip Glass' Metamorphosis at Novi Sad - part I, part II, part III, part IV, part V
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You can't really go wrong with Erik Satie, but I'll mention 3 morceaux en forme de poire and Embryons desséchés
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Some of Brad Mehldau's works might fit the bill.

Radiohead cover.
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On the somnolent and hypnotic side of things is the piano music of Valentin Silvestrov: for example, Kitsch-Musik für fortepiano, the Bagatelles for piano, and Hymne 2001.
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I do not think you are prepared to hear Schnittke's fourth symphony.
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Steve Reich's Piano Phase? Maybe too unsettling?
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Craig Taborn's "Avenging Angel" has lots of this, especially the first track, "The Broad Day King" (which I can't find on YouTube).
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Harold Budd. Suggested: The Pearl (Eno collaboration) and The Room.
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Not sure if this fits your definition of "stark," but try Musica Callada by Federico Mompou.
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Alexander Mosolov's Piano Sonata No. 2; II "Adagio."

I'd actually suggest Mosolov's nocturnes (1 2). Nocturnes in general are probably a good genre to consider.
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Kashiwa Daisuke
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Oneohtrix Point Never's "Replica" (which I also recommended in this thread).
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Tim Story "This Small Spot'" Roger Eno, "Voices, " and, to a lesser degree, the more obscure floating pieces of Brian Eno.
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Try the theme for the movie "The Conversation" - composed by David Shire.
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There's plenty more Feldman where that came from. Try Triadic Memories or For Bunita Marcus next.

I bet you'd dig a bunch of the Irritable Hedgehog catalog.
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Francesco Tristano did an entire cover album of iconic electronic dance music tracks for piano. It's called "Not for Piano", here is a sample of his cover of Jeff Mills' The Bells.
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Not able to listen to youtubes at this point, but based on your words, I came here to recommend that Francesco Tristano, or Nik Bartsch's Ronin.
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I don't know if you want something quite this unsettling, but Charles Ives' quarter-tone pieces for two pianos kinda sound like a ragtime pianist scoring his own suicide. I think they're beautiful.
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