Shipping from France to USA
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How can I order from marketplace from a seller who doesnt ship to the USA?

I found the perfect gift for my husband and can only find it on After muddling through the checkout, I realized the seller won't ship it to the USA.
Do you know of a reputable mail forwarder or something who I can ship it to and then they will ship to me?
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Dont know about mail forwarders; but in case you dont find any:

-Is this an individual?: It may be worthwhile writing to the seller letting him/her know that a) you are willing to pay for a bit more (assuming that is viable) and/or how important this is for you. Sometime people will do the unexpected. If you choose to write - you'll definitely want to try to provide a French translation in your mail - however garbled (

-I have had good responses on France specific questions in Fodor's travel forum

Good luck.
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You could post a request with some nominal payment for services to Jobs with the hope that a France living Mefite would be able to assist.
posted by edgeways at 9:21 PM on November 27, 2012 is not the only good source forFrench books. Have you tried
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I could forward it to you. Memail me :)
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yep ... i could probably forward it to you if they deliver to the UK
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As TheRaven's comment suggests, if you let us know what it is you found (book or something else?), we could recommend better options than Amazon France that probably do ship overseas.
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Response by poster: Since the book is a gift for my husband who is also a mefite, I will PM those interested the title.

It is on Priceminister, but at about 100€ more.
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