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I would like to know what options are available to me to enhance (or indeed the opposite) video streams - What I'd specifically like to do is download specific youtube footage (personal use) and render it with a jumpy black and white Pathe film-like quality. What would be the best approach to achieve this? - And please take into account that I have no Apple products to hand and very limited experience in manipulating the moving picture.
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If you have Firefox on a Windows PC, install the video download helper add-on. Download the vid from Youtube, which you can either open directly in Windows Movie Maker or you might have to find a video converter (look on to convert it to a WMM-friendly format. WMM has (IIRC) three levels of jumpy film b/w settings. Easy.

Of course, if you are on a Mac, this is of no help whatsoever.
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Here's a video showing that effect being applied in WMM.
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Thanks, that's all I need.
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