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WhatTheFont| is throwing me gibberish on this 1970's Poster Inspiration Font

So what is the font?
It's probably the first example I have of admiring words for the way they appear.
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Looks like EF TV Nord Black with the kerning tweaked.
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oh but I see the "t" is different, still a close one though
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It looks like Franklin Gothic--especially the g, t, and smart-quote apostrophe.
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Identifont says ITC Franklin Gothic.
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The terminals end at different angles than Franklin Gothic. This is a tough one.. I'm thinking it's Trade Gothic Bold No. 2 with a stroke applied, which would explain why it's so tracked in? It's hard to tell, but the letterforms look the same. The only one throwing me off is e.
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If you remove the background it won't throw you gibberish. I did this and went through the process but the trouble is that it's so heavily kerned that WTF can only find a couple of individual letters. The result was completely off.
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The kerning is what is throwing WTF off. Their automated system depends on there being clear space between letters. I often get nonsense results when my sample has letters touching.

The font is Trade Gothic Bold No.2. The basic letterforms match exactly. But, whoever set it, added a 1-2 pt. outline and then did a slight vertical down-scale to give it a more squat presence. This is why the letters all seem a little "off". The artificial bolding. I was able to exactly re-create the typesetting in Illustrator using these techniques.
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Thorzad this Illustrator you speak of? Does it allow you to export a font to TTF?
I would love to have this font in my library, but no illustrator.
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Um...No. "Illustrator" is Adobe Illustrator, an art/design app.
If you simply Google "Trade Gothic Bold 2" you will find several resources for this font.
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OP, you might also like Gotham Black, which has a similar feel to this without the need to be stroked and distorted.

also why did thorzdad get best answer and 3 favorites for giving the same answer i did, after i gave it
not bitter or anything
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