Gifting on a shoestring...
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Looking for blogs/websites dedicated to thoughtful & creative gift-giving on a budget. DIY, crafting, homemade/canned foods, scrapbooking a huge plus.

This one is a perfect example. I love creative ideas that I can take and make completely personal. Now that the holidays are around the corner, I'd love some more nifty ideas for friends/family (and my honey!).

Previous questions on AskMe were helpful but what I'm really looking for are websites that I can refer to for gift-giving throughout the year. I've Googled & Pinterested but both are so overwhelming, and I always feel like I'm missing something.

Bonus points for sites that rate blogs that are dedicated to creative gift-giving (if such a thing exists).
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You can get lots of gift ideas from
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Response by poster: Thank you so much! Love these ideas esp. from Get Rich Slowly and Oxfam. Looking forward to hearing more!
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I love notmartha, from Seattle. Great ideas herself, and frequently collects a bunch of other posts. Plus, she's a big ask.mefi fan!
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I was going to recommend notmartha as well.

Do you know about The Purl Bee? It's the blog for Purl Soho, the NYC yarn and fabric shop. I really like their knitting patterns--there's a range of bigger and smaller gift projects there, some, but not all, holiday-themed. They also have crochet and general craft projects/tutorials.
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Response by poster: @ purenitrous: Notmartha is a great site! Thank you!
@hurdy gurdy girl: I didn't know about The Purl Bee - will definitely check it out, thanks!
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