What's that home video (VHS) introduction to home computers from the '80s?
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What is the name of that 1980s home video introducing you to computers hosted by that famous TV personality husband and wife whose names I can't remember? The one whose background color changes depending on what section you're in?

It's totally online somewhere (either YouTube or archive.org) and I've seen it before, but I'm spacing on the names of the (otherwise extremely famous at the time) host couple and the program, and it's a little hard to find from Google searches for "home video computers". I'm certain I've blogged about it, and it's been posted to MeFi, and I can't even find it searching my own archives.

Apologies for the trivial question, but not remembering this is actually preventing me from getting work done today. I bet someone knows exactly what I'm talking about and can conjure up the link. Thanks!
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@damn_dirty_ape Nope, but it's awesome that my description matches more than one video. I'm thinking of a 1980's introduction to home computing, like, "you can manage your finances on a Commodore 64"-- though no specific brand is mentioned in this video.

The celebrity couple hosting it are a real-life husband and wife, probably mostly famous from being on TV in the '70s or earlier. I'll die of embarrassment once I'm reminded of their names, because I can picture them clearly. (Not my era, but I should still know who they are.)
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What do (or did) they look like?
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Eureaka! Computability, with Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows. http://waxy.org/2008/09/computability/

I most associate Steve Allen with talk shows, so when trying to write a description of his appearance I thought to look up The Tonight Show and immediately recognized his name. Told you I'd be embarrassed to have forgotten it.

The vid was harder to find online than I had thought because Andy found an original VHS and made his own rip to Viddler. It really belongs on Archive.org or something.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzj7STruKgQ This one's also charming. "Easy as, uh, uh, as lickin' a stamp."
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