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I am seeking blogs of people who have made health changes in their lives involving diet, exercise and reducing vices. I am particularly interested in blogs that have daily or very regular posts where the personal aspects and challenges of the health goal are explored at length.

People who are able to make substantial changes to their lives in matters of weight, fitness, addictions etc are courageous and brave. They inspire me.

I want to find independent blogs of people who are writing about their challenges and journeys in-depth. I read the success stories on the diet and fitness sites I visit and occasionally the on-site blogs of members. But the entries are mostly thin and contain site-specific jargon. I want a meatier read. I need inspiration for my own journey.

All suggestions appreciated.

If you have such a blog but don't want to link it here, drop me a me-mail instead. I will never disclose the connection.
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(these are not my blogs)

200-pound-loser The Anti-Jared might fit the bill.
See also Prior Fat Girl (not quite as twee as it sounds).

Lynn's Weigh
Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen
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John Stone has been doing this for a decade. The link is to his blog, which he maintains nearly every day, and he hosts a website with forums that contain the daily-ish updates from dozens of people on their own journeys.
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Literally the only diet and weight-loss blog that has never annoyed me for a single second is Shauna Reid's blog The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl. She's just really cheerful and good-natured and doesn't get too preachy about the whole thing. I think she's great. You could start from the beginning and read the archives or read her book.
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One Twenty Five - Tumblr has tons of these, by the by.
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Zenhabits blogs a lot about healthy lifestyle changes, minimalist lifestyles, productivity hacks etc. He's made some amazing changes to his life, and though he only updates 1-2 a week and a lot of the content is in form of advice in hindsight (rather than a work in progress), still def worth a read.
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Red Hair & Girly Flair is one we recently found that is wicked inspiring. I'm not sure if she's just been busy but she hasn't updated in a bit.
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Can You Stay for Dinner?
Girl lost a lot of weight, and talks about the emotional and practical aspects of losing and maintainting, defining health, etc. Posts regularly; possibly the most well-adjusted discussion of this topic I've ever encountered. Losing weight, for her, also meant adressing a number of personal/family issues, which she discusses openly. She's working on a book.
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Skinny Emmie.
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Just stared exploring this one, but it looks good: Guinevere Gets Sober.
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Thanks all. There were some good reads in there.

Although it's not mentioned in this thread, I found out about Arthur Boorman's transformation on Metafilter and I am now devouring the amazing success stories on the ddpyoga site.
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