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Can you help me identify and replace a smashed up clay figurine?

A friend sent this to me in the mail as a wedding gift. Unfortunately she packed it badly and it was smashed into many bits. I've put it back together again using super glue (felt like an archaeologist!) but it's still got lots of visible seams and even some large gaping holes because some pieces were just obliterated into dust.

It appears to be some type of Native American art--when I called to thank her she said she thinks it is Peruvian.

I really want to get another similar one so she never knows it was smashed. It was probably not really in her price range to begin with (she's a below poverty wage earner with a bunch of expensive medical problems) and I want her feeling good about her gift if she comes to visit and sees it. Plus I really like it so i want one that's not all banged up! Thanks in advance.
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This looks similar.
posted by zamboni at 11:24 AM on November 27, 2012

Definitely look for Chulucanas pottery. Here's another example.
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You could give it a few weeks, then ring her up and say that you really love it, and have a friend getting married--then ask if she could tell you where she got it so you could get one for your friend.
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I have one of those - I bought it in Peru! This seems to be the same, although I paid less for it in Peru.
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I like the way MeghanC thinks. Could you just ask her where she got it? I'd certainly like one, and I particularly like the one she gave you. How tall is it?
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