Stinky turtle bits
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How do I preserve this stinky turtle carapace?

My wonderful Great Dane, Scooby Dude has presented me with a really cool turtle carapace this morning. It is about 16 inches long with most (but not all) the flesh and skin stripped away. The skeleton is nearly intact and I think all the bones are still there. Unfortunately it is still stinky and wettish. I would love to preserve this thing but I'm unsure the best way to do it. Should I just put it somewhere protected outside and let it dry out before picking out the remaining soft tissue? Are there other curing methods that are not too complicated or expensive to implement? If I can save it, it will be a wonderful addition to our odd little collection of lake side finds. Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: Put it on an fire ant pile for a while. They'll clean out all the stinky, hard to reach areas for you.
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If you have access to ants, they do a pretty good job.
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Find a good milk crate, a wire one is best. Put the remains outside, somewhere that kids and curious adults won't mess with it, on the ground, put the milk crate over it, and make sure you have enough rocks, bricks, cement blocks, whatever to keep any local large critters (I'm not sure what those would be in Texas, but up here it would be raccoons, large carrion birds, coyotes, dogs, cats, and such). Leave it outside for a couple of weeks, or until the bugs have cleaned that thing off.
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Get yourself some Dermestes Maculatus... not that I know how you'd get them, I just know that's what museums use.
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I know someone who does this sort of thing by packing it in salt.
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Burying for a few months works for conch shells.
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