Turning user input into pie (charts)
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WordPressFilter: I'm looking for a plugin/widget/codesnippet that will allow me to create a graph using input from the user.

This seems really simple and I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but my Google-fu is taking the day off. Basically, I want the user to put numbers into one or more fields, then we apply our mathemagic formula to those numbers, then we give them a graph with the results. I tried looking along the lines of mortgage calculators, but no dice there either.

I'd prefer to find a plugin for WordPress that will handle this, but I'm also amenable (to a lesser degree) to hacking together some solution in HTML5/js if that's a viable alternative. Gentle nudges in the right direction there would be helpful too, as my skills have atrophied a wee bit...
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I've used Google Chart Tools before to pretty up some user-provided data and it worked pretty well. I had participants input data directly into a Google Docs survey, though.

There appear to be a couple GCT-related plugins (here and here) but they appear to be more admin- than user-facing solutions, but you might be able to hack something together.

Good luck!
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I can't tell based on your question where you're taking in the numbers from people - are these WordPress users who are logged in? Are these attached to posts, pages, or comments?
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Sorry if I wasn't clear - my ideal is to have website visitors enter the data themselves. As a simplistic example, let's say a user would supply their total budget (a number), and how much they spend on food/entertainment/travel and we'd calculate the percentages and put it in a nice pie chart. I'm trying to create this all in a new WordPress page.
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Maybe something like this?
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antonymous - it sounds like this is not in any way WordPress specific. You simply need a pie chart generator - like any of the many listed here: 22 Useful Online Chart & Graph Generators or like this and then include that on whatever WordPress page you have.
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