Need a "spiritual" gift idea.
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I am trying to find a Christmas gift that is "good for the spirit."

I want to get my giftee (a 30-yr-old woman) three gifts - one each for the mind, body and spirit. I have good ideas for the mind and body, but not the spirit. I am looking for something under $50 that is more spiritual in nature than traditionally religious. Any ideas are welcome.
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A reflective journal of some kind?
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- MIND - Reefscapes: Nature's Aquarium DVD
- BODY - Jo Malone Fragrance
- SPIRIT - The Pause Principle

If you want more options for spirit, perhaps a massage, acupunture, session with a life coach, personal walking tour of somewhere spiritual?
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I would recommend The Sayings of the Desert Fathers or The Forgotten Desert Mothers.
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Maybe, Help, Thanks, Wow
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How about aquavit? Translates to water of life. Is also an actual spirit (in the "it's liquor" sense of the word), but I guess it depends on her sense of humor and yours.
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Consider a donation to Heifer International in her name. Heifer provides livestock and training to impoverished people all over the world, with a strong emphasis on passing on the gift. Heifer recipients are obliged to make gifts of some of their stock's offspring to other needy families, expanding the circle of improved nutrition and self-reliance.
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At the end of a volunteer job once I got a glass jar with little scraps of paper with notes written on them from all of the people I oversaw saying thank you or something nice about me. I still have it on a shelf and look at them sometimes for a little uplift.
Maybe get some messages from her family and friends and from you and do the same?
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An appointment with Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium.
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How about a Buddha Board?

Maybe a finger labyrinth or a little desk top Zen sand garden?

She might enjoy a Susan Seddon Boulet calendar.
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The charity donation idea is really nice and I like it.

Another idea that actually hits all 3 requirements in my opinion would be getting her a gift certificate for yoga class(es).
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"An appointment with Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium." While an awesome gift, it's my understanding that she charges $400 a session...
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I am surely a weirdo, but I think tea is a spiritual gift. You have the ritual of making it, the warm mug in your hands, uplifting aroma, and then you can sit and have a contemplative moment sipping it and watching the steam rise. Bonus: it's portable, works outdoors, and doesn't offend or appropriate anyone's faith (as far as I know).
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How about spirits?
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Music. This is simply because I've just discovered Perotin, have been listening on youtube, and want someone to buy me a CD of this music.
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Traditional Zen tales in cartoon form?
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