Looking for a cloud billing system.
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Looking for a cloud billing system that both tracks amounts to be paid to contractor/staffers who work remotely and which also tracks the combined amounts to be billed to the client (on whose case all the staffers will work).

I'm aware there are cloud billing and time tracking programs like Freshbooks, Invoicera, Toggl, etc. However, I can't tell if any vendor has features that (1) allows remote contractors to input their time via the cloud so that I know how much to pay each of them at the end of each month AND (2) which also combines all the contractors' time entries on a client's project be combined into another separate invoice that goes to the ultimate client. Does any system do that?
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I think the usual suggestion is FreshBooks, but you'd need to check if it covers what you need.
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Freshbooks has time tracking and your remote contributors ("team members") have their individual access to projects and timesheets. There is some information here about setting it up for contractors or staff:



It also works similarly for each one but for staff you create an hourly rate that's billed directly to the client rather than having a separate rate for the contractor plus the rate that the client is being billed. Contractors can also directly invoice you through Freshbooks.
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I may be misunderstanding your need, but I think Harvest does what you want.
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I love Harvest! I've been using it for separate rates for different kinds of consulting for months. It's pretty cheap and makes the nicest invoices as well.
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An employer I work for uses Unanet for this. I find it very easy to use as a remote contract employee, and I know it has a lot of options as far as creating projects and employee categories (which are attached to different rates, etc.) but I don't have experience with using it for creating invoices.
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