What's a good grab bag/box for a weird family?
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New and awesome grab bags/surprise boxes/random chaos: help me find things like the Archie McPhee Surprise Box for my family to enjoy.

In previous years, my family has, for the holidays, gotten each other a giant Archie McPhee surprise box. It's like a present everyone is surprised by that we can all share and the 9 Devil Duck bubble baths get regifted after we've picked the Shakespeare action figures out.

However, the randomness has left the building. Now I can tell you how much chum-flavored bubble gum and how many Parasite Pal combs we'll end up with. Also, it's truly useless junk.

Here's what I'm looking for:
- The element of surprise
- Enjoyable for everyone in a (quirky, dark) family with a teen. Doesn't have to be PG-rated, but shouldn't be a grab bag of men's XL t-shirts either
- Less than $150
- Consumable, regiftable or useable - not overly disposable/just making crap to throw away

Yes, I have googled "grab bag" and "weird grab bag" and things like that, but the signal to noise makes it difficult to find anything awesome. (Except for a "sword grab bag" - who knew that was a thing?)
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How about asking a couple of friends to help out? Give them an Amazon or Think Geek gift card (a bit late this year for dx.com) and have them use it to order a surprise assortment for your family. Hmnnn I wonder if Bezos has patented this yet...
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I can't seem to find it on their website, but American Science and Surplus used to do this. You could order up a Big Box of Science from their catalog and get all kinds of cool stuff.
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I remember seeing the same thing from AmSci & Surplus as BitterOldPunk...I think it was the Mystery Box, but at this particular moment it's listed as out of stock. (In case it helps in the future: I found the link under the "Jarvis Likes" section in the left nav menu...it's the one labeled "Help for Stymied Surpies.")
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Things You Never Knew Existed has an assortment of surprise packages.
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You can make a mix of odd/unusual treats from EconomyCandy.com

Or Japanese snacks from JList

Or a selection of British sweets from BritishFoodShop.com (also check for local British shops in your area, assuming you're in the USA)
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If you go with Things You Never Knew Existed, could you report back on the types of things you got?
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Not exactly what you're after, but this guy made a bot that buys him random stuff from Amazon.
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