How to sell domain names?
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How do I go about selling some domain names I've owned for years but am, in all reality, never going to use? How do I advertise them to folks who might be interested? I'm not looking to get tons of money; even $25 would be nice.
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Make a homepage for each one, that says "this domain is for sale", with your contact info. Most people who are looking to buy a domain name will look and see how - or if - one is being used. I did that for a few and it worked; took quite a while, but did work.
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What are the domains?
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I haven't used it, but this looks like a spot to advertise and sell domains:

Anything involving buying or selling domains looks a little sketchy to me, including this site, what with all the salesy talk and the pictures of $100 bills, so I hope I'm not leading you astray. Maybe someone else can jump in to this question and say "I used that, and here's what happened!"
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I've had a few of mine listed at Brandbucket for about a year now with no inquiries whatsoever.

I did notice that there are lots of brand-bucket like sites that come up from googling 'brandbucket alternative'.

still_wears_a_hat - your suggestion sounds like a good one - I will give it a stab!
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SEDO is the largest after-market domain marketplace.
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You can always list them on ebay.
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I wouldn't mind taking a look at them and possibly making some offers. Not sure what MeFi's policies are on that sort of thing, but send me a mail.
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I just bought a domain from a private party. I just entered the domain, got a blank page (a for sale sign would have been helpful), checked the whois for the page and got the owners email address. Made him an offer by email and closed the transaction through

So at least make sure the whois info for the domain has a reachable email contact. All of mine list my web host's info rather than my own.
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Thanks, all. SEDO is basically what I was looking for.
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