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Where can I go to get a squat/deadlift form tune-up in NYC?

I can tell I have some lingering form problems with both my squat and my deadlift, but despite reviewing Starting Strength and the SquatRx videos I can't seem to get them ironed out. I feel kind of like I'm going in circles. Can anyone recommend someone in the NYC area who can help me sort out my form problems in person?

Further criteria: To avoid confusing myself even further, I am specifically looking for someone who can teach the low-bar squat stance as described in SS. I can't really afford a trainer long term, so I'm just looking for 1-2 sessions to get me pointed in the right direction, maybe $100-150 in total. (If this is not a realistic plan or is unlikely to do any good, that would be good to know also.) Anywhere I can get from Williamsburg with a Metrocard would be fair game - closer is obviously nice, but I am definitely willing to travel a bit for someone who knows what s/he's doing.

Thanks, folks.
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Give Definitions Private Training a call... ask for Angelo. He's an old friend of mine and knows what he's doing.
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Best answer: There are a number of Starting Strength-certified coaches in New York; they're listed in the Starting Strength coaches directory.
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South Brooklyn Weightlifting Club is one of the only (if not the only) real powerlifting gyms in NYC. SS + USAW certified coaches. Paulie will absolutely be able to help you out.
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Seconding SBWC. I went there for the Starting Strength seminar last fall, and everyone was helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. I'd travel there from CT, and I hate hate HATE driving to NYC.
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Response by poster: Thanks a ton, guys. I marked ludwig_van's answer the best because it was the most comprehensive, but all your advice was really helpful. I'll post an update after I pick and meet with someone.
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