Vegetarian Epicure's Fruit Cake Recipe?
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Does anyone have the recipe for fruit cake from The Vegetarian Epicure? (I can't remember if it's from Book 1 or 2.)

I gave away my copies of Anna Thomas's The Vegetarian Epicure, Books 1 and 2, years ago but didn't copy the recipe for fruit cake or stollen. I'd like to make them both this year, but time's running out to make fruit cake because of the aging that's required. My local library doesn't have the book, and it's too late to order a used copy from Amazon or Chapters. Google-ing produces nothing useful.

Does anyone out there still have the recipe, and would you share it? Bonus if you have the stollen recipe, too!
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I am pretty sure my mother has both volumes...if no one else comes through for you I will email her to see if she can dig up a copy.
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I have my book 1 right here - I don't see a "fruit cake" but there is a nut cake, a stollen, leckerli, pannetone, piernek & strucla.

I'm off to a meeting but can get you the stollen recipe later if no one else has a digital copy handy!
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Is it this last one in this newspaper from 1995? (The one called "Rum and Chocolate Fruitcake", it's attributed to Book 2 of the Vegetarian Epicure at the end.)
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And this in Google Books appears to be the Stollen recipe?
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Thank you so much, brainmouse! The fruitcake recipe must be the one although I remembered 12 eggs and no chocolate. But it's been so long since I made it -- well over 15 years. The stollen is absolutely the one, the only quick bread stollen recipe I've found, and as the author states, it is better than yeast raised. I remember buying quite expensive dairy cream cheese for it.

Thanks for all the offers of help, too. You folks are great!
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