What are large corporations doing around the production of mobile apps for their organizations?
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What are large corporations doing around the production of mobile apps today? For customer use, obviously, but for internal use too? Built in-house or contracted out? Android or iOS or both? Or are web-apps for mobile preferred? Where can I read more about this?

Nothing to add, except that I'm trying to research this out of curiosity about the future of mobile app development and about future job prospects (I have some experience with both Android and iOS dev).
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It really depends on the corporation in question. Some prefer to do this kind of development in house and others prefer to hire consultants to do it on a contract basis.
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A lot of companies are using mobile apps for barcode scanning. There might be opportunities in Custom-Off-The-Shelf barcode scanning apps, as by this stage I'm sure the market is saturated with general purpose scanners.
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My company develops mobile apps for commercial customers. We are moving away from native Android apps to web applications using HTML5 technology. This is driven in part by our customers (who want to use any device that supports a web browser, not a device with our specifications) and in part by our internal needs (don't want to have to support an iOS application, an Android application, etc...).
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