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I am looking for a new place to see all of my financial accounts from all institutions together online.

The online account aggregation by Yodlee that I use regularly is closing, so I would like a new place to keep an eye on all accounts in one screen. These include checking, savings, credit cards, bills, insurance, loans, retirement, etc. and are all from disparate institutions.

The preferred solution will be available through firefox on multiple platforms (minimally OS X and XP). I looked briefly at the other yodlee clients, but the only ones i have accounts with (ie American Express) seem to be for their institution only, or completely cheesy and feature lacking, or Microsoft.
Microsoft integrates with MS Money for more features but will even the stripped down version work in firefox or safari on my mac? Will my info be a target for mal contents being associated with microsoft?

If anyone has experience (especially enduring use, i used the citibank one for years) with such a service I would appreciate a recommendation.
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Best answer: How about creating an account directly with Yodlee instead? I've been using it to keep track of my freq. flyer accounts, and it has been working great on Firefox:
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If you have an account at Fidelity, they have this exact feature that you are asking for.
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thanks, jimmereeno! i had no idea fidelity had that feature! this is awesome!
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Just about any financial institution will have this feature. It's not uncommon.
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Response by poster: Well seemingly all institutions but mine, two of which just removed the option to see accounts from other places, and my Fidelity is through a third party.
I must be blind though -the Yodlee link I had no luck finding from their homesite, so thanks for your help, i'm going that route.
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